1.Name of the society     :        ANDHRA PRADESH OPHTHALMIC SOCIETY-20142.LOCATION                    :        D-NO-29-12-46,VENKATRATNAM STREET, SURAYARAOPETA,VIJAYAWADA-520002,               KRISHNA DISTRICT, ANDHRAPRADESH


          Aims and Objectives : The objects of the Society shall be the cultivation and promotion of study and practice of ophthalmic science, research and manpower development with a view to render community service and to promote fellowship among the ophthalmologists by:

  1. Organising scientific & clinical work and promoting community oriented service.
  2. Promoting research in ophthalmology.
  3. Instituting fellowships, awards, and orations.
  4. Promoting teaching and continuing education in ophthalmology by publishing Proceedings /Year Book / Journal of the Society.
  5. Organising exhibitions of machinery & equipment pertaining to ophthalmology.
  6. Co-ordinating with other medical societies.
  7. Promoting social contact and goodwill amongst the state ophthalmologists.
    8. Working towards promoting the welfare of the mebers of the society.
  8. Ensuring ethical practice and professional conduct of its members.
  9. Maintaining liaison with the State Government and AIOS.
  10. Raising finance through contribution and subscription from mebers and non members to run the society.
  11. Acquiring and disposing movable and immovable property and assets.

13      Framing of Byelaws, rules and regulations and, amending, adding, altering or deleting the same as and

14      Undertaking health education for eradiction of blindness.

15      Doing all such other things as may be necessary to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Society.




Sl.No.                      Name                         Age           Designation                   SIGNAUTRE


1              Dr.Madhava Sai                           73    Honarable  Advisor                      sd/-

  1. Dr.M.Anantha Padmanabham 78     Honarable Advisor                   sd/-
  2. Dr.V.Krishna Murthy   56     President                                       sd/-
  3. Dr.T.Satyanarayana Reddy 68     Vice President                            sd/-
  4. Dr.V.Samba Siva Rao                61     Secretary                                      sd/-
  5. Dr.M.Parni Kumar                     57      Joint Secretary                            sd/-
  6. A.Srinivas                 53     Treasurer                                      sd/-
  7. Dr.C.V.Gopala Raju   53      Member                                   sd/-
  8. Dr.G..R.Reddy    61     Member                                    sd/-


V  Desirous Persons: We, the undersigned are desirous of forming a society named: “Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmic Society” under section 6(2)(b)(III), section 7 and section 29 of Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act No. 35 of 2001, as applicable to the State of Andhra Pradesh, in pursuance of this Memorandum of Society.

Sl.No Name & Address Occupation ADDRESS
1 Dr C.Madhava SaiS/o-C.Sivarama Krishna Prasad Doctor 2-14-381Main road shayamala nagar,Guntur-522006Andhra Pradesh
2 Dr M.Padmanabhams/o- M..Venkata Ramaya Doctor h-no-23A-3-8Gubbali vari StreetRamachandrarao petaEluru,Vangaya GudemWest GodavariAndhrapradesh-534002
3 Dr V.Krishna MurthyS/o-V.Lakshminarayana Doctor 2-2/349Kv lay outUp stairs navya nethralaya hospitalTirupati (Urban)Tirupathi chittoor Andhra Pradesh517501Ph-9440799235
4 Dr T.Satyanarayana Reddys/o-T.Rami Reddy Doctor 7-503,Mastani complex, anaparthyEast Godavari Andhra Pradesh-5333342
5 Dr V.Samba siva RaoS/o-V.Gopal Rao Doctor Aravind Lasek Eye Hospital,29-12-46,Venkaratnam Street, Suryaraopet,Vijayawada – 520 002. Ph-0866-2433018 AP., INDIA.
6 Dr A.SrinivasS/o-A.Raja ram mohan roy Doctor 40-5-19/4Chaitanya Eye HospitalTikkle road near mother Teresa statute Moghalrajpuram,Vijayawada urban AndhrapradeshPin-520010
7 Dr M.Parni Kumars/o- Swami das Doctor 205,main road Mullapudi enclave Kannavari thota, GunturGuntur collecrotrate Andhra Pradesh 522004
8 Dr C.V.Gopala RajuS/o-Bangar raju ch Doctor Flat no-9,suraya towers,asr nagarSeethamadhar,vishakapatnam urban,p&t colony(vm) Andhrapradesh, 530013 Mobile: 9885116262
9 Dr G.R ReddyS/o-G.Subbi Reddy Docotor 13-32-2Mamidi vari streetNear telephone exchange Tadepalli gudem West Godavari Andhra Pradesh 5341018



1.Name of the society     :        ANDHRA PRADESH OPHTHALMIC SOCIETY-2014

2.LOCATION                    :        D-NO-29-12-46,VENKATRATNAM STREET


  1. AREA OF OPERATION : Any where in India may be enlarged if overseas if   needed 

Membership of the Society shall consists of :

  1. Life Members : Registered medical practioners with basic allopathic qualification (MBBS) and possessing Diploma or Degree in Ophthalmology, who pay life membership subscription shall be eligible to be enrolled as life member. the ratified life members of the Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmological Society, resident(aadhar card) in the 13 districts of Newly formed Andhra Pradesh State shall be regular existing  life members.
  2. Members-in-waiting : Post graduate ophthalmology students (Ms/MD/DO/DOMS/DNB/ERCS) may become members in waiting during their post graduation, before being enrolled as full fledged member of the society, on qualifying by payment of fee.
  3. Associate members : Allopathic medical practitioners and non-medical scientists may register themselves as associate members and who pay life membership subscription.
  4. Honorary Members : This membership shall be conferred upon those who deliver the annual orations, other than the members of APOS. Honorary membership shall be conferred on other individuals of extraordinary caliber, with consent of the managing committee.

Members in categories B, C & D will not have voting rights andthey cannot attend General body meeting.


The subscription for all categories of members will be as stiupulated in the Byelaws, from time to time. The subscription may be increased for all members with approval of Managing committee and General body.

  2. All the life members shall be entitled to participate in all the activities of the society and also to receive publications of the society as provided in the Byelaws. They shall however have voting rights only after ratification in the General Body.
  3. New Members : The application for membership duly proposed and seconded by two life members of the society shall be recommended by the managing committee and ratified by the next General Body for admission into the society.

B1. Any new member (Life, member-in-waiting) whose application is under consideration may attend the annual conference f the Society as a member delegate and also receive official publication of the society, prior to the ratification of membersbip.

B2. All associate member are entitled to take part in the scientific and social activities of the society. They are not entitled to attend or vote in the General Body or hold any office. They are not eligible for any awards of the Society.

B3. Honorary Members are also entitled to aprticipate in scientific & social activities of the society. They are not eligible to attend or vote at the General Body or hold any office.

  2. Membership of the Society will cease by voluntary resignation.
  3. Before any disciplinary action is taken against any member for professional misconduct, he shall be served with a notice in writing to appear before the managing committee and he shall be given an opportunity to explain. Managing committee will decided by majority vote, to delete the name of the member from membership for any professional misconduct. This decision shall become final and binding on confirmation by General Body at its next meeting.
  4. Membership shall cease automatically if Medical Council cancels the registration of the member.
  6. All the life members in good standing constitute the General Body of the Society.
  7. It shall govern the affairs of the society through the selected office bearers and committees.
  8. General Body meeting shall be held during the annual conference.
  9. Quorum: 10% of the total registered ratified Life members shall form the quorum for the conference at that point of time.
  10. In case there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for 30 minutes and shall meet agian on the same day at the same venue.
  11. Adjourned meeting will not required any quorum.

This meeting can be called by any one of the following for a specific purpose.

  1. President
  2. On a requision signed by two thirds of members of the Managing Committee.
  3. On a requision signed by at least 25 Life members in good standing.

Quorum: 10% of the total Life membership, In case there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjounred for 30 minutes and shall meet again on the same day at the same venue.

Adjourned meeting will not require any quorum.

The request at each time should be addressed to the Honorary General Secretary, at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled meeting.


The affairs of the society shall be managed by the managing committee elected by the General Body. The other cmmittees are:

  1. Scientific Committee
  2. Academic and Research Committee
  3. Editorial Committee

The affairs of the Society shall be managed by the Managing Committee elected by General Body.

  2. Executive Committee (9 Office Bearers of the Society + Advisory Board + Ex Officio Members) 1. President 2. President elect 3. Vice President 4. Honorary General Secretary 5. Honorary Jt. Secretary 6. Honorary Treasurer 7. Chairman Scientific Committee 8. Chairman Academic & Research Committee 9. Editor – Publications
  3. Members : There shall be one representative from each district of AP, nominated by the district chapter. In case a particular district has more than 60 APOS members, such district shall nominate 2 members to the Mc.
  4. Co-opted Members :
  5. Organising secretaries of the preceding, present and forthcoming annual conference.
  6. Members representing APOS at the AIOS Managing Committee.
  7. Ex-officio Members : Immidiate Past President & Past Honorary General Secretary,
  8. Advisory Board : The President, President Elect & the Hon.Secretary, in consultation with the managing committee will nominate advisory board from among the past presidents of the society, for a three year term upto the next general elections. They shall be a permanent invities of the executive / managing committee during that term. They shall tender their advice, whenever required, on request by the president.

Categories C, D & E have no voting rights in Managing Committee meetings.

The President at his discretion may specially invite not more than two members for any specific purpose(s), at a given managing committee meeting.


  1. Managing committee shal act on behalf of the General Body for running the Affairs of the Society under its constitution & Byelaws.
  2. It shall review the recommendations of various statutory committees.
  3. It shall carry out the policies and mandates of the Society and shall be responsible to it.
  4. It shall have power to invest and deal with the money of the society.
  5. Money and properties of the society may be invested in nationalized banks and the Committee will have the power to change the investments in order to fulfill the objectives of the Society.
  6. The committee shall have to power to purchase, construct or acquire, by gift or otherwise, any property and shall have full powers in managing the properties of the society.
  7. Managing Committee may constitute sub-committees for furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  8. Decision and recommendations of the managing committee shall be subject to the approval of the General Body.


  1. Managing Committee should meet each year during the annual conference. One third of the total members shall form the quorum. The executive Committee shall meet as often as required for the smooth functioning of the society.
  2. Honarary General secretary shall circulate the minutes of the last meeting and agenda at least one month before the date of the meeting.
  3. The President shall preside over the meetings. In his absence, the President elect shall preside over the meeting. In the absence of both, the Vice President shall preside. In the event of absence of all the three, the members will elect on eamong them, to preside over that meeting.
  4. Voting may be by show of hands or ballot whichever the President considers desirable.
  5. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting (deciding) vote.
  6. Honarary General Secretary in consultation with the President can call an emergency/special Managing committee meeting

The President shall act on behalf of the Society and shall be responsible for the society during his tenure. The President shall regulate the proceedings of the society and the managing committee. He/She will preside over the functions of the society, meetings of general body and managing committee. In absence of the President, President elect shall officiate for him. In the absence of the President-elect also, Vice President shall preside. All documents and contracts shall be made jointly by Honorary General Secretary, President and Treasurer. All documents shall be in the custody of the General Secretary.


Honarary General Secretary shall manage the correspondence and keep the minutes of the meetings which will be read and confirmed at the next meetings respectively. He shall co-ordinate the activities of all committees. He shall be in charge of the office and shall execute the resolutions of the society. The joint Secretary shall assist the secretary. The joint secretary shall represent the secretary in his absence. All documents and contracts shall be made jointly by Honorary General Secretary, President and Treasurer. All documents will be in the custody of the General Secretary.


Honarary Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions and he should affix his signature on every receipt. He shall get the accounts audited by a certified auditor and present them at the annual managing and general body meetings.

He shall prepare the budget and present it before the managing and general body meetings for approval after auditing.

The Treasurer along with Honorary General Secretary / President shall jointly operate the accounts.


The post latest information in the website and to maintain the website.


Finance of the Society shall be kept under :

l General (Savings) Account

l Fixed Deposits

l Academic and Research Committee Account.

     GENERAL (SAVINGS) ACCOUNT It will include establishment account, advertisement receipts, admission fee account, interest from FDR’s, awards account, Publications / Newsletter account. 30% amount of the registered delegatesa and 10% amount collected for Trade Exhibition of the annual conference shall be contributed to general account by the organizers of the annual conference.

     FIXED DEPOSITS Funds, donations, Life membership Fee collected and part of the general accunt can be transferred to fixed deposits. Interest from Fixed deposits will be transferred to the general account.

     ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH COMMITTEE ACCOUNT shall be maintained separately, both as fixed deposits and general savings accounts. From this fund, the ARC will conduct CME, Hands-on workshops and award fellowships etc. Interest from fixed deposits can be deposited in general savings account of ARC.


     This committee shall be elected once in three years and shall consist of:

  1. Chairman : He / She shall be a life member of the society, for a minimum period of 5 years. He/she should be experienced in presenting scientific papers and / or should have published papers in ophthalmic journals.
  2. Four nominated by chairman members : They should be Life members of the society, of at least 5 years standing.
  3. Ex-officio Members :
  4. President
  5. President elect
  6. Vice President
  7. Hon. General Secretary
  8. Chairman Academic & Research Commtitee
  9. Editor – Publications

Members in category ‘C’ will not have any voting rights.


  1. It shall recommend the scientific programme for the annual conference.
  2. It shall recommend the names of or awards of various medals, orations and guest speakers, which shall be approved by the managing committee.
  3. It shall recommend the names of Convenors and Chairpersons for the successful conduct of the scientific sessions.
  4. The committee shall formulate the modalities for the acceptance of the scientific papers, and accept them.
  5. Then full text of all scientific presentations should be sought for, from all speakers, preferably prior to presentation.


This committee shall consists of:

  1. Chairman: He/she shall elected once in three years. He/she shall be a Life member of the society, of at least 5 years in good standing.
  2. Members : 1. President. 2. President elect 3. Hon. General Secretary
  3. Editor-Publications
  4. Treasurer
  6. To conduct CME and Hands-on programme for ophthalmologists & postgraduate students, at least one in each region in a year.
  7. The ARC shall make efforts to promote research activities by Life members and members-in-waiting by providing scientific scholarships, travel trainee Fellowships and other such incentives.
  8. The ARC shall prepare a list of faculty members and they shall conduct the Hands-on and CME programmes on rotation basis
  9. Shall appoint a panel to select members for the Best Teaher awards each year. The chairman shall be the convener.


The ARC will have its own funds. The interest accruing on the FDR’s assigned for ARC shall be utilized for its activities. The Hon. Treasurer will maintain the accounts.



This committee shall consist of :

  1. Editor : He/She shall be elected once in three years. He/she should be a life member of the society, of atleast 5 years and in good standing.
  2. Members : The editor shall nominate the four members.
  3. Ex-officio Members : 1. President 2. Hon. General Secretary 3. Chairman Scientific Committee 4. Chairman Academic & Research Committee.
  5. The editor and the editorial board shall be responsible for the publications of the society, as decided from time to time.
  6. The editor shall be responsible for publishing the Newsletter of the society at least twice a year.
  7. The editor and the editorial board will formulate the contents of the publications.
  8. The editorial board shall make all efforts, in consultation with the Scientific Committee to collect the full texts of scientific presentatins.
  9. In consultation with the chair person ARC, the editorial board shall have the right to receive any CME material considered worthy of incorporation in the publications.


     Expenditure will Met from the society, part by payment and part by donations / advertisement. The cost of newsletters shall be funded by the society.


The society shall elect the following office bearers.

  1. President Elect: The Vice President takes over as the President Elect at the annual conference. He will held the office upto next annual conference and then becomes President for the following year. He shall be a Life member of at least 8 years in good standing and should have been an office bearer/managing committee member in the past for at least one term. He can be elected fr one term only.
  2. Vice President: Shall be elcted by the General Body at the annual conference. He will hold the office upto next annual conference and then becomes President Elect for the following year. He shall be a Life member of at least 8 years in good standing and should have been an office bearer / memberof managing committee in the past for at least one term. He can be elected for one term only.

C.Honorary General Secretary : Shall be elected by the General body for a period of years, during the 3rd annual conference meeting. He/She shall be a life member of the society, for a minimum period of 8 years and has been an office bearer of a member of the managing committee in the past for at least one term. They will be eligible for reelection for the same post, once, i.e. for a total of 2 terms only.

  1. Other executive office bearers will be elected by the General body for a period of 3 years, during the 3rd annual conference meeting. The members shall be nominated by the respective district chapters. They will be eligible for reelection / renomination for the same post, once, i.e. for a total of 2 terms only. They shall be members of the society for at least 5 years.
  2. The term of the President is for one year from inauguration function of one annual conference to the inauguration function of the next annual conference. He shall preside over at least one General Body meeting during this tenure.
  3. The terms of the President is for one year from inauguration function of one annual conference to the inauguration function of the next annual conference. He shall preside over at least one General Body meeting during this tenure.

Vacancies : The following succession procedure shall be effective in an emergency

  1. President will be succeded by the President Elect.
  2. President elect will be succeded by the Vice President
  3. General Secretary will be succeeded by the Joint Secretary.
  4. Treasurer will be nominated by the President.
  5. Other office bearers will be nominated by the President if by resolution, the General Body decides by 3/4 th majority of members present, that certain office bearer(s) should be removed from office.
  7. Society shall organize one conference every year in the months of October 8 November.
  8. The venue of the conference shall be recommended by the managing committee and approved by the committee meeting with seven days notice.

The venues for the annual conferences should be decided two years in advance. The host committee should provide facilities for the smooth conduct of the conference.

  1. The honorary General secretary will send a preliminary circular to every member, six months before the date of conference.
  2. The actual dates of the conference, in a given month shall be decided in consultation with the local organising committeee.
  3. Conference shall comprise of:

l       Symposium & a session on clinical challenges, as decided by the managing committee.

l       Names for orations shall be recommended by scientific committee and approved by the managing committee.

l       Free papers, films, poster exhibition, and instruction courses etc.

l       Trade Exhibition

  1. The local organising committee shall contribute 30% amount of registered delegate fee to the APOS account.
  2. They shall also transfer 10% of the rent collected from trade exhibition to the APOS account.
  3. The organizing secretary shall submit the audited accounts of the conference to the managing committee within 4 months from the end of the conference.
  4. ESSENTIAL CERTIFIATE: Certified that this is the correct copy of the rules & regulations of the Society.

Sd/-                                                    Sd/-                                                    Sd/-

President                                   Hon. Gen. Secretary                               Treasurer 










(Framed under section 4(1) (b) of the AP Societies registration Act No. 35 of 2001 and article 3(13) of the Memorandum of Association of the Society and as approved by the Managing committee of the society held on 16-11-2014)

The society shall be governed by the memorandum of society, its rules and regulations and these byelaws. If anything in these byelaws is in conflict with the memorandum of association or rules and regulations of the society, the same provisions of the memorandum of association and rules and regulations shall have the supremacy.

Article 1: Amendments to the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations

  1. Managing Committee may recommend any amendment(s) provided it gives at least 30 days clear notice to the members of the society before the general body meetings.
  2. Any member may propose an amendment giving a minimum of 60 days’ notice before the general body meetings. The proposed amendment(s) shall be in writing and duly recommended and signed by at least 10 members. Members present at the special general body meetings.
  3. Any amendment(s) to the memorandum of society / rules and regulations shall be approved by 2/3rd majority of
  4. Quorom for such meeting shall be 10% of total ratified members.
  5. No amendment will be carried out without the prior approval of the commissioner of income tax.
  6. Voting, if required, shall be by secret ballot or show or hands as decided by the Chief election officer.
  7. In case of a tie, the casting vote of the President shall decide the result.
  8. If no valid nominations is received by post or otherwise, before the stipulated date, nominations shall be called from the floor or the general body, by the chief election officer, appointed by the president. In this case the candidate should be present in the meeting to give consent for the nomination.
  9. The decision of the election commission is final. In case of any dispute, the general body will decided by a majority vote.

Article II: Amendments to the Byelaws

  1. Managing Committee may adopt and implement amendment(s) to the Bye Laws subject to ratification by the general body, through proper notice.
  2. Any member may propose an amendment to the Byelaws giving a minimum of 60 days notice before the general body meetings. The proposed amendment(s) shall be in writing and duly recommended and signed by at least 10 members.
  3. Simple majority is sufficient to accept the amendment(s) of Byelaws.
  4. Quorum is as for General Body (10% of registered member delegates for the conference).

Article III: Dissolution of the Society

Rules for the dissolution of the Society shall be the same as exist for the All India Ophthalmological Society.

Article IV: Subscription

General Body decides the subscription of members from time to time. The subscription is as follows:

  1. Life Member: Admission fee Rs. 100/- + Rs. 1000/-.
  2. Member-in-waiting: Admission fee Rs.100/- + Rs. 300/-. On qualification, they pay Rs. 700/- balance, towards life membership.
  3. Associate life mebers: Admission fee Rs.100/- + Rs.300/-.

Article V: Eligibility for various offices

  1. Past President shall not contest any election, but he/she may be nominated as Advisor or co-opted in any committee as Ex-officio. He / She may however get elected to the FBS committee by its members.
  2. No member shall hold more than one office, as any committee, or hold one office and be a member on more than one committee.
  3. President elect / vice president / Honorary general secretary and Chairman Scientific committee must have been a member of good standing for a minimum period of 8 years and served at least once as an office bearer / managing committee member. Rest of the office bearers / members of the managing committee and members of various subcommittees, musthave been a member in good standing for a period of at least 5 years.

Article VI: Tenure of various offices

Elected members of any committee are eligible for re-election for the same post only once. Vice President is not eligible for re-election.




Article VII: Election Procedure

  1. Honorary General Secretary shall invite nominations for various posts for election, a minimum of 90 days before the conference date. The nomations should be received on or before the date specified by the secretary.
  2. Each nomination should be proposed and seconded by one Life member each and should be accepted by the candidate. The date of candidate joining the society as life member and years in which he/she was a member of the managing committee should be clearly mentioned in the proposal, to decide the eligibility.
  3. The last date for withdrawal of nominations shall be as decided by the secretary.
  4. Only Life members in good standing are eligible for voting. The president will consitute an Election Commission of 3 life members. One of them will be chief election officer and also returning officer.

Article VIII: Newsletters (News N Views) / Journal/proceedings of conference.

     The Editor is responsible for publishing the Newsletters / Journal every year. Selected scientific presentation at the annual conference and other such presentations under the aegis of the Society may go into these publications/separately by cd’s or conference proceedings books by editor proceedings of the conference.

The editor is responsible for collection of manuscripts in consultation with the scientific committee and the ARC.

50% of the cost of the publication to be borne by the society and the other 50% should be raised by way of advertisements / donations.

Article IX : Grievance Cell

The Grievance Cell is a three member body with a chairman and two members with at least one having a background in law. Grievance cell has its own charter and addresses issues concerning medical ethics and disputes with tradeif approached by any member.

Article X: Past President’s Forum

The past presidents forum is an advisory body comprising of all the past Presidents. This body shall meet at least once each year during the annual conference. It shall appoint its own Chairman. The secretary shall be the Convenor and shall solicit and formulate and agenda mainly concerning issues for the betterment of the society.

Article XI: As Sunayana fund is merged with general funds, all the awards will be sponsored by the APOS only.

Article XII: Funds and Finances Management :

Main souces of income to APOS is from

  1. a) Life Membership Fees
  2. b) 30% of Delegates fees from Annual Conference + 15% of the income from Trade Exhibition
  3. c) Income from FDR’s interest.


Management of Finances

Hon. General Secretary & Hon. Treasurer will manage the funds with assistance of Joint Secretary and Joint treasurers.

Accounts to be maintained by the treasurer by double entry method.

All the payments shall be by cheque. Where it is not possible to pay by chequelumpsum amount may be drawn upto Rs. 10,000/- by self cheque as impresst cash and detailed account for that amount along with receipts to be maintained. Cheque shall signed by any of the three, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Cheque no. with date to be noted on the corresponding bills and the bills shall be signed by any one of the above three. Part time clerical assistant to be provided for the maintenance of the accounts and Financial statement to be placed in the website once in 3 months.

Article XIII: Session on Clinical Challanges / Symposium / instruction course / Free paper session

  1. Dr. K. Siva Ramakrishna instruction course shall be organized at each conference.


Article XIV : Oration Medals and Competitive Medals (Awards)

  1. Oration medals shall ba awarded by nomination and selection to eminent ophthalmologists, outside the state and to eminent members of the society.
  2. All awards shall be given annually.
  3. Recipient of the award shall be selected and recommended by the scientific committee or a commitee of judges.
  4. If he/she is a member of the committee discussing the selection, he/she shall withdraw from the meeting.
  5. A member may receive not more than one oration medal in lifetime.
  6. Same award shall not be given to a person for a second time.
  7. Award will carry a certificate and a medal.
  8. Oration Medals
  9. a) Dr. P. Siva Reddy Oration Medal shall be awarded to an eminent ophthalmologist from outside the state / country
  10. b) Dr. R. Suryaprasad Rao Oration Medal shall be awarded to an eminent member from within A.P. from a teaching institute.
  11. c) Dr. Malleshwar Rao Oration Medal shall be awarded an eminent member from within A.P. from among Ophthalmologists in private practice.
  12. Competitive Medals
  13. a) Dr. K. Vengal rao Competitive Medal shall be awarded for the best free paper at a plenary session, presented by a member below 45 years of age.
  14. b) Dr. V. Raghavchar competitive Medal shall be awarded for the best free paper at a plenary session presented by a member irrespective of age.
  15. c) Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology Medal shall be awarded for the best scientific poster presented by a member irrespective of age.
  16. Life time Achievement and Best Teacher Awards :
  17. b) APOS – Lifetime Achievement Award shall be given a senior member/s over 65 years of age recommended by the managing committee, either directly or through nomination from a district chapter.
  18. Oration medals / competitive medals or Best Teacher awards shall be awarded independently of each other.

Article XV : Prizes

  1. Ophthalmology Quiz: APOS – Dr. Gangadhar Reddy’s Quiz shall be conducted each year and the winners and runners up are awarded cash prizes.

Article XVI: Annual Conference:

     1.Venue for the next conference to be decided two years in advanced as per All India Ophthalmological conference guidelines.

  1. The managing committee shall decide the delegate fee, in consultation with the local organizing committee.
  2. The delegates fee for non-members and trade delegates shall be 50% more than that is fixed for life members
  3. The delegate fee for members in waiting and guest delegates shall be 75% of that is fixed for Life members.
  4. All the past presidents of APOS are exempted from payment of delegate fee.
  5. All academic courses of continuing education / conference proprer to be conducted with the approval of the Chairman Scientific Committee and the President.
  6. No member of the society shall arrange a programme clashing with the dates of the conference of the society.

Article XVII: AIOS Representatives

During the election years of the AIOS, the managing committee of APOS shall nominate two members to represent the state society in the managing committee of the All India Ophthalmological Society. They will be co-opted members in the state managing committee.


Article XVIII:

In case of any contingency not covered by this memorandum of society / rules and regulations and byelaws herein, AIOS memorandum / rules and regulations shall be referred and followed.


Copyright   c  2014 Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmic Society. All Rights Reserved.