From the President’s Desk

Dr. T. Satyanarayana Reddy
President, APOS
Narayana Reddy Eye Hospital,
Anaparthi – 533342.


Honorable dignitaries on the dais distinguished guests, colleagues and enthusiastic young ophthalmologists, It is for me both an honor and privilege to welcome you all to this second A.P State Ophthalmological conference in this pleasant city VIZAG.

I feel very shot of words that would be suitable enough to express my hearty feelings of gratitude to my distinguished and competent colleagues who offered me this position unanimously.

I feel deeply thankful to God that I have been spared with good health and energy to complete the work and duty assigned to me by you. It is your wish apart from my strong conviction to improve the standards of teaching the post graduates and fellows throughout the state for which we all request the government to provide better equipment and facilities for teaching, and competent technical persons to handle the equipment. It is of great importance as a proper aid to the student in the study of cultivation of good practice, principles and good surgical skills of ophthalmology. I request the government and authorities to take our active involvement in conducting the social and community activities to cater the ophthalmic services. Members of the governing body, teaching hospitals, corporate hospitals and seniors in the profession will help you to sort out the programs to achieve the targets to your full satisfaction.

Looking back at the knowledge of seventh decade of last century when I started my practice and the present decade I feel that the advances and breakthroughs are enormous and we always feel that our knowledge is still imperfect in spite of our regular reading and attending workshops and conferences without fail.

Super specialization which is replacing the ophthalmic general practitioner was common in western countries. The trend in our country is also going towards that. It is gratifying to see that there are quite a few of ophthalmologists who are practicing retina, cornea, squint, glaucoma and even orbit.

The super specialist contributes and collaborates to render the best preventive and curative care to their patients. They often search for the recondite and the obscure, the general ophthalmologist recognizes the simple and the obvious.

I recall that APOS was founded by the dynamic ophthalmologists and was built on member engagement. Though the state is divided we inherited their inspiration by continuing the same of the society that is Andhra Pradesh state ophthalmological society. I am sure under the able guidance of our beloved teacher Professor K VengalRao and my senior, Professor C MadhavaSai we can reach any heights.

1. We will soon be introducing APOS fame on our website to express gratitude to its founder members, past presidents before state division and members who are actively involved after the formation of new state like Dr. Samba Siva Rao. This page will also honor outstanding ophthalmologists in our state who are doing community service and achieved academic excellence in various scientific conferences. This will also recognize who are involved in academic work.

2. Friends the need of our youngest members may be different from members in their mid-carrier which may also differ from members in the late stages of their careers. I intend to start a new membership committee.Its mission is to facilitate communication to the members and assist with meeting the diverse and constantly changing needs of APOS members.

3. I also wish to start a leadership development committee, this committee will have two or three members from each district and will organize leadership development program similar to AIOS LD program through this committee we wish to develop leadership skills in young ophthalmologist and try to address the local problems. APOS will step in as and when necessary to guide the small groups in various aspects.

4. Thanks to my predecessors who already started women ophthalmologist wing, I would like to strengthen this group in particular and give a helping hand to them to organize more scientific and social events and bring the family feelling among all ophthalmologists.

5. We will also consider appointing a legal cell for A.P ophthalmologists so that they can seek advice and help whenever required in a co-ordinated manner.

6. Will try to release a quarterly magazine with scientific feast and challenging cases management. We wish the post graduates to make use of this opportunity to publish their cases and research work in this magazine.

7. We would like to set up a social committee to interact with public, press and media on various aspects of ophthalmologist including crusade against diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity glaucoma and eye banking.

8. I request you to encourage more of your friends to become members of APOS and join FBS scheme to make your professional career and family more secure.

Before I conclude let me say that we are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect trust and care for each other. I invite innovative ideas which will strengthen all of us and solve the challenges we face as a team because together each one achieves more…..

Difficulties and obstacles without number and often without name do arise in arranging great events like this. The organizers deserve all appreciation from all corners. I feel great pity for those that are going to organize the next meeting because they have to compete with this Great success here….. Jai hind…..

Thank You