From the President’s Desk

Much water has flown under the bridge since I was installed as president of APOS at NANDYALA conference.

A few days after the conference we were thrown into a crisis. Dr.S.Sambasiva Rao who has been the hony. Secretary since the formation of Andhra Pradesh ophthalmic society, suddenly expired on 26.10.2018. There was lots of confusion as to who should take the reins of APOS as general secretary. An emergency meeting of the executive committee of the APOS was held at Vijayawada on 18.11.2018. Tributes were paid to Dr.V.Sambasiva Rao who has worked hard to stabilize the APOS in the early years of its formation. Resolution of condolence to be conveyed to his family was passed. Dr.M.Sivaprasad deputy general secretary was requested to act as general secretary in-charge till the conference at KAKINADA. Another meeting of the executive committee was held at Rajahmundry on 02/02/19. Some important decisions with far reaching affects were taken. The database of the life members of APOS in our website which was the tool for communication with the members is incomplete. Steps are being taken to correct this deficiency. Another vexing problem of nonpayment of the dues (income from the registrations and tariff of trade stalls during conference to the parent body) is sorted out. Issues regarding the GST are also sorted out.

All the office bearers, in spite of their busy professional schedules, have spent much time for sorting all these problems and keeping the society stable and well stablished. I thank them on behalf of the members of the APOS. Rich cuisine and bonanza of scientific sessions are awaiting you at Kakinada conference. All the office bearers are putting in their efforts in this direction.

Welcome to you all to attend the fifth annual conference of APOS at KAKINADA ON 27TH, 28TH and 29th of September 2019. Rich fare of scientific sessions and cuisine of Godavari districts await you.


Thanking  you