What is a digitally signed certificate ?

  •    Certificate signed by a ‘Digital Certificate’ holder issued by certificate-issuing authority (CA)

Advantage of digitally signed certificate ?

  • Go Green
  • A digitally signed certificate is forgery resistant and tamper proof

  How to download certificate ?

  • Log in to apos.co.in with your username and password
  • To view all your certificates click on “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATES OF APOS 2017”
  • Click on “Download” button
  • Keep your digital certificate in a safe place for future use.

What is validation ?

  • Digitally signed certificates need to be validated to ensure the validity of a signature.
  • Non validated signature will look like the below.

How to validate the Certificate?

Step 1: Click on signature below to get the above popup

Step 2: Click show certificate button


Step 3: Click Add to Trusted Identities button

Step 4: Click Validate Signature button

Step 5: Certificate Validated. Repeat the process to validate another signature